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Here you can chat online with people having similar sleeping problems.You can see all kinds of questions and reactions below. You can look at them in any way you want or you can react on them.
Insomnia - problems falling asleep and/or maintaining sleep
sleeping peels
Author : Frances
Date : 07-08-2019 03:49
I saw on some forum that people discussing how sleeping peels can help them with their sleeping problems. I understand that no one wants to go to the doctor and use the easy way, but this way can cause real problems for you. Sleeping peels is a real drug which can produce an addiction and it will be hard for you to treat it. Never use any drugs without permission of your doctor. God bless you!
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CO2 Therapy question
Author : Sarah Wilson
Date : 07-25-2017 02:49
Anybody here knows about this CO2 therapy? I've been searching information from others who knew this. They said that it is good for microcirculation and good treatment for those who have sleep problems. Tell me more about how it works and its description, I'm desperate to try. Thanks!
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sleep therapy
Author : Somnio
Date : 06-25-2014 11:45
Hey guys,
Did you try a sleep therapy for insomnia? You can enroll via this website and do the therapy online. The treatment is very practical – you get tips and assignments helping you to change sleep habits and negative thoughts about sleep that may cause tension and keep you awake. You will learn a lot about sleep, dealing with sleepiness, bad nights, and stress, relaxing before going to bed, and more. Your personal sleep coach will help you to complete the assignments and keep you motivated.

Hope this helps.
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Author : Lynn
Date : 06-23-2014 11:35
Hi Anne,

I have the same problem. Tried all kinds of sleep aids, acupuncture, light therapy, new mattress, yoga, etc. Yoga actually does help a bit, but I still don’t get more than 5 hours of sleep. Lying awake every night drives me crazy. I hope that someone can help. Any tips are highly appreciated. Good luck to you!
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serious sleep problem
Author : Anne
Date : 06-02-2014 05:54
Hi there,

For 10 years I have been suffering from insomnia. When I go to bed I cannot fall asleep for hours. Tried all kinds of pills, still using sleep pills, but it takes really long before I fall asleep. If I finally fall asleep, I wake up after 1 hour and cannot fall asleep again for the rest of the night. When I get up I’m exhausted. For 10 year I’ve been searching for a solution. Can anyone help me?
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