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Somnio Online Sleep Therapy
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About Somnio

The Somnio-team offers an effective online insomnia treatment: The sleep therapy is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for insomnia (CBT-i).

One-on-one sleep therapy in the privacy of your own home

During the last few decennia, scientific studies have shown that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an effective treatment for insomnia. A consensus report published by NIH has confirmed this. CBT-i works equally well as sleeping pills and has a better long-term outcome. In addition CBT-i has important advantages compared to sleep medications:

  • no side effects
  • no risk of addition
  • the achieved sleep improvement lasts long after the treatment is completed

CBT-I has traditionally been given in face-to-face sessions. The availability of clinics with sleep trained psychologists is however scarce. We applied advanced computing and expert-systems technology to help improve insomnia in your own home without direct face-to-face sessions.

Somnio Online CBT-i bridges the gap between the millions of insomnia sufferers and the limitations of face-to-face solutions.

Computer-based Somnio sleep therapy has various advantages

  • Somnio allows clients and sleep therapists to work together efficiently, saving time and costs compared to face-to-face therapy, and thus increasing the availability of CBT-i.
  • The online treatment is available to anyone with an internet connection. No need to travel or schedule appointments.
  • The computer-supported treatment program helps to ensure a high treatment quality, while at the same time allowing the sleep therapists to adjust the treatment plan to the personal needs of each individual client.

Clinically proven 80% success rate

In line with many recent studies reporting that internet therapy is equally effective as face-to-face treatment for various psychological problems, our own research has shown that Somnio is equally effective as a face-to-face CBT-i. Below, you can view some results that have been presented at sleep medicine conventions:

The medical journal Sleep Diagnosis and Therapy also published an article about the Somnio insomnia treatment.

About the Somnio developers

Somnio was developed in 2002 by sleep experts Dr. Winni Hofman, PhD, and Anand Kumar, MS, of the Personal Health Institute international, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Both sleep specialists have more than 30 years of experience in sleep research as well as diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. Next to supervising the Somnio treatment program, Winni continues teaching sleep medicine at the University of Amsterdam.