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Privacy Policy

Chronic insomnia can be solved without the aid of sleeping pills. On this site you can find information on the Somnio internet therapy. All information received from our website visitors is completely secure. Somnio will treat your information 100 percent confidentially.

Your sleep diary and the treatment consults are kept in a database to evaluate the quality of the treatment. This information is completely anonymous and will be analyzed to continually improve the Somnio treatment program. Somnio therapists are continually supervised to maintain the highest level of quality.

Somnio will not give any information, including name, email address, and telephone number, etc. to others, unless you explicitly give us permission in writing. As a reminder for your own protection never give your username and password to someone else.

Somnio has an open forum to encourage discussions between individuals with similar interests on sleep. Somnio monitors the forum to remove irrelevant or potentially harmful participants. However, participation in the forum is at your own risk. You are strongly advised never to give your email address or spread your personal information via the Forum.

If you see harmful or offending forum participants or have any questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy please use the electronic contact us form.