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Reviews: What do users say about the Somnio Online Insomnia Therapy?

“My sleep coach was so attentive and really motivated me to complete the assignments.” SvdM

“I gained a lot of confidence in my ability to sleep well. Now I know that I can do it.” JF

“I discovered that some of my habits are contra-productive for sleeping. Now I know how I can change them.” KHC

“I am so happy that I am not lying awake at night for hours anymore.” VH

“The advice was much more personal than I had expected.” AW

“The best thing I got out of this therapy is feeling more relaxed about the nights.”JS

“The assignments clearly work. I found the relaxation techniques very helpful.” RW

“I did not expect that an internet therapy could be so personal.” IS

“I sleep much better now, and I've been feeling much fitter.” AG

“The assignments are to-the-point and well-explained. ” BT

“It's fantastic that you can get really helpful advice and support without leaving home.” BD

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